Eleos Services, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Collection Agencies in Wichita, KS


Eleos Services has the experience needed to collect all types of Medical debt.  This could be Hospitals, medical clinics, or Dr. offices.  We are here to serve!

Eleos Services collects debt for unpaid rent, broken lease agreements, damage to property, etc.  Our staff has skip-tracing abilities to help locate new addresses and phone numbers on past tenants. 

Eleos Services can help collect any type of student loan or student debt.  We understand the importance of student relations and we keep that at the forefront of all of our conversations with all students.




CALL: 316-749-2085


TEXT: 316-252-0265

This is an attempt to collect a debt, any information obtain will be use for that propose this communication is from a debt collector.

Eleos Services has the experience needed to collect past due cable bills, internet services, security service bills, and cellular invoices.   Our compassionate approach helps recover accounts and save customers!